The November Escape: Life and Death in Bali and Sayang Ice Cream

Instead of staying in the Country to celebrate All Souls‘ and All Saints’, I ran to Bali.  I ran away.  It was the best place to end up in. The lotus flowers rose… Continue reading

Lovely Ever After, April and Camille Ice Cream

It was a beautiful early morning in January when April and Camille celebrated their commitment with wine, coffee, cheese, friends and dogs.  Seven am, to be exact.  They all gathered in a pretty… Continue reading

Teachers’ Day, Baguio and Two Strawberry Ice Creams

I took my Creative Writing class to Baguio as I had always done every year for more or less eleven years.  This year, it really was more important to return, to find my… Continue reading

Zen in the City. Hokusai Ice Cream. Ice Cream is Wabi-Sabi. Tea, Tranquility 1

Elegant Things A white coat worn over a violet waistcoat. Duck eggs. Shaved ice mixed with liana syrup and put in a new silver bowl. A rosary of rock crystal. Wistaria blossoms. Plum… Continue reading

Thousand Flower Ice Cream and the Last Year

Hope you can make it! Love,                                                      … Continue reading

Ghost Month, Ghost Ice Cream. A Study in White.

Xiaoyin (Silver Ghost Money), leaves a trail of silver stars on my fingers as I fold as many as I can for H.  It is more than the Milky Way that divides us… Continue reading

Living in the Gray City and Oreo Marshmallow Ice Cream

Surrounded by skyscrapers, I catch myself always looking up.  Between elegant and not so elegant buildings, some creamy clouds float by filled with much light. Dress coats, in this weather and in true… Continue reading

Melon Sunsets, Melon Popsicles and a Cold Late Lunch

The Long Weekend was all about the end of fast for our Muslim countrymen and the commemoration of the death (assassination) of a well loved hero, Ninoy Aquino.  Added news before lunch was… Continue reading

A Surprise, a New Heart

  For the past month, I hand-churned my ice cream.  By that, I mean I took a fork into the beautiful softly frozen mess of sweetness every thirty minutes for six hours.  I… Continue reading

Nothing Says Relief Like Adobo. Monsoon Rains, Monsoon Floods, Manila.

  This Kitchen grew dark.  The Rains fell hard.  For days, we thought the sun would not come again.  But today, we were able to go out for provisions. Not for us.  We… Continue reading